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Say Goodbye to Commuting & Hello to Telecommuting
PeoplesHR brings to you a

Remote Working Suite

Helping you get along with your work anywhere, anytime.

Working from home comes with it's own constraints and a hurdle for HR. This customised suite helps you look after the most important asset of any business involved, “its people” in the best way possible. We let you focus on your people, while we focus on processes.

of organisations have encouraged or required employees to work from home.
of organisations have set up additional virtual check-in for employees and managers.

-Gartner Survey March 2020

So what about you?

We help you manage your:


Monitoring employee attendance and maintaining discipline in working hours is an essential aspect of organisational productivity. This module simplifies the tedious tasks involved with monitoring time and attendance, tracking and data collection. Helping you control costs, minimise compliance risks, and improve the workforce productivity with consistent, effective and reliable tracking of employee attendance. With features to accommodate a growing workforce and customisability to handle the complex attendance based rules of your organisation. 


  • Employees are able to update attendance records with prior approval. 
  • Requests can be made for extended work hours with approval
  • Supervisors are able to view and monitor attendance patterns of geographically dispersed employees. 
  • Clock-in widget provides GPS tracking based attendance logging for users outside of the physical working premises. 
  • Alerts/reminders sent if employees forget to check in. 
  • Popups/notifications sent regarding employee delays or any other issues related to attendance. 
  • Real Time tracking capabilities, minimising delays or excuses. 
  • Prevent buddy punching and other time related theft. 
  • A centralised database of information that can be accessed throughout the company. 
  • Ensures compliance with associated labour laws with accurate and reliable information tracking. 
  • Quick and easy access to individual attendance details for self evaluations/reference. 
  • Eliminates manual interpretation of numbers, related to hours worked and/or overtime. 


This module helps you track multiple leave types, manage how each should be allocated, applied and even used. Providing a quick, error free and effortless way to organise, apply and approve leave throughout the organisation. One single platform that helps employees as well as management of the organisation to track and manage the absences with higher efficiency and reliability. 

Benefits :

  • Leave planning and multiple holiday calendars. 
  • Multi-level leave approval workflows. 
  • Rapid leave application and approval options. 
  • Calendar view of leave requests and history. 
  • Automatic e-mail notifications regarding leave requests, approvals and rejections. 
  • Ability to manage geographically deployed employees' leave compliances in real time basis. 
  • Customise attendance policies according to organisational requirements. 
  • Integrated with Attendance and Leave modules, indicating gaps that may require immediate attention. 
  • Avoid misconduct or violations of organisational attendance policies. 
  • Reduce unnecessary time and costs associated with unplanned leave
  • Holds each employee accountable for lost time. 
  • Avoid errors and delays while obtaining more control over scheduling capabilities. 
  • Identify, forecast and plan the required time-off period, ahead of time. 
  • Monitor employee absence trends and anomalies to identify areas that require attention or improvement.

Daily Activities

Allows you to access and manage the time spent on tasks from anywhere at any time. Keep track of utilised time and expenses incurred, allowing better workforce management, improved customer relationship and value added business performance. Automate and structure business processes to support project tracking and while staying within budgetary constraints. This module enables smooth project and time management of every employee. Be it a large or small work environment with a simple or complex structure, this can be customised to fit the diverse requirements of a dynamic organisation. 

Benefits :

  • Allocated billable hours can be configured, based on project or employee wise. 
  • Top level managers are able to define rules and workflows. 
  • Auto generated alerts/reminders sent on missed entries to each employee. 
  • Alerting admin users regarding employee delays in updating daily activities. 
  • Supervisors are able to review and approve timesheets. 
  • Enhance accuracy in time and expense management. 
  • Data entry, tracking, processing and management, consolidated. 
  • Increased efficiency and compliance. 
  • Manage and schedule projects, tasks and/or assets. 
  • Transparency in employee time management. 
  • Increased overall workforce productivity. 

This suite comes with the PeoplesHR Mobile App, giving you access at your fingertips no matter where you are. 

  • Effortless vacation time

A swift overlook on: 

  • Number of days since your previous vacation
  • Leave history and cancellation
  • Peers on leave 
  • Quick fixes on-the-go

View your team availability and get through your leave approvals while staying at home.    

  • Clock-in from wherever you are

Mark your day-in and out, even on the days that you are not physically present at your workplace. 

  • Stay updated all the time

Never miss those birthdays and work anniversaries while being at home, view and drop a wish with just a few clicks.

 Juraa our very own Social Enterprise Network helping you engage, collaborate and connect with your workforce.

  • Provide a robust social, communications and collaboration framework. 
  • Bring people and valuable resources together to drive your business forward. 
  • Group discussions. 
  • Knowledge sharing forums to learn and know what you don't know. 
  • Private and public walls for all those casual conversations. 
  • Work tasks to never let you forget anything. 
  • Polls and surveys to get your employees opinions. 
  • Online meetings to make you a part of your meeting, on the go from wherever you are.
  • Say “Thank you” to your colleagues for what they have done and make them feel special. Keep your motivation levels high and encourage them to value each other’s contributions.
  • Ideas hubs to promote new ideas and blogs.

Catch up with your HR chatbot for a better experience. 

  • From applying leave to assisting with all things HR, a quick chat is all it takes. 
  • Give a simple instruction through either text or voice commands and our HR chatbot helps you get along with your busy schedule.
  •  Real time assistance whenever you need it.
  •  Drive employee engagement and empower your workforce.
  •  The Help mode answers all your doubts and queries related to the functioning of the system.
  •  Action mode helps you get all your HR functions done with simple instructions.
  • Our chatbot is constantly learning and getting smarter with time and experience to make your busy schedule feel much easier.
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That’s not all:

  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduction in overhead costs
  • Dashboard for supervisors to monitor the time, history and trends of their subordinates
  • Eliminate fixed costs and other utility expenditures by allowing employees to work remotely
  • Instant time tracking and  prompt notifications
  • Feasible investment model for your organisation’s requirement. 
  • Conduct internal requests easily.

Need a helping hand to manage your employees,