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We are fast-moving, crave innovation, and in the era of digital disruption. No longer is their room for gut feelings and intuition.

As we witness the Silver Tsunami and say hello to the Gig Economy, we bring to you PeoplesHR Neon, the HR Solution for the Millennial CEO.


There’s a need for Data decoded, scrutinized, analyzed and put forward. From Descriptive to Diagnostic to Predictive to Prescriptive. All of it!

It’s the D3M we are looking at, Data-Driven-Decision-Making. We have heard Big Data and Business Intelligence but why not combine it with your greatest asset, your people! Gaging the future knowing it’s going to be right, There's a need to simulate the environment and know the what if’s.

Descriptive Analytics

  • Adhoc reports supporting a wide range of HR functions.
  • Performance Analytics gives you a high level snapshot of performance appraisals with over 40 different analytics.
  • Trends and details on the overall skill profile growth, job-fit, dive deep into employee demographics and various critical information which is crucial for an organisation to understand it's people's pulse better.
  • Assessment comparisons, overall progress status and assessment completion reminders.

Diagnostic Analytics

  • The Enterprise Dashboard is a single view point with monthly overviews, consolidations of an array of KPIs, efficiency metrics and organisational trends made visible to modern CEOs.
  • Equipped with insights into your organisation, such as an indicator on effective hiring, or perhaps what would be the profitable utilisation of part time vs full time staff are few of many insights we offer to you.

Predictive Analytics

  • Attendance Predictions : Identify retention risks while effectively planning the future workforce requirements. Tracking the employee attendance over time, we tell you the turnout for the future. Know your workforce punctuality to help analyse your overall productivity.
  • Turnover Predictions: Know the constraints around employee turnover rates to avoid liability of critical loss. Analysing employee characteristics over time, we show you the rate, risk and reasons of loosing talent from your organisation in the future.
  • Absenteeism Predictions: Taking in behavioral and attendance patterns, we tell you the absences to expect. Track the workforce turnout and plan for your employee needs effectively.

Prescriptive Analytics

  • We provide you with patterns-data-outputs-recommendations reducing your tasks to minimal.
  • Budget simulation dashboard helps to simulate and see where and how much you would budget based on the results of the simulations.
  • But we plan to do much more...Await for more interesting analytics coming your way!

It is not fiction to have Dashboards that show your stats right in front of you. We believe millennial CEOs need access to data and information at their fingertips and don’t have time for the monotonous. The new-gen gives prominence to performance and growth & plan towards individual development.

  • Daily insights for yourself with all operational activities on one single page.
  • Individual Development Plans to providing coaching & mentoring, on-the-job assessments and formal trainings.
  • New and improved user interface for an enhanced user experience.
  • You don’t need to waste time scrolling through modules and options to find the features you want, simply use our new feature search option.
  • Grouped notification and simplified navigation for your convenience.
  • Enterprise Dashboard supporting D3M for millennial CEOs
  • Have the entire recruitment process under a single interface with side by side comparisons of candidates, making it a breeze for hiring managers.
  • Happiness is key and Pulse enables you to have happy employees and know what exactly makes them happy.

The next-gen does not wait. We need things on-the-go. We reach all engagement avenues and language is a barrier no more! From mobile apps, kiosks, chatbots and enterprise social networks, everything is easy and click on the go.

  • From applying leave, checking your leave balances, cancellations, approvals, online check-in, online payslips and many more, we give you the convenience to take things on the go and make your life a whole lot easier with the new and improved PeoplesHR mobile app.
  • Meet our AI powered chatbot. From applying leave to assisting with all things HR, a quick chat is all it takes. Give a simple instruction through both text or voice commands and we help you get along with your busy schedule.
  • We don’t limit our services to a PC, and those that sit behind a desk, with just a few clicks you can manage all your HR requirements through a multi-lingual kiosk terminal.
  • The happiness indicator helps you identify work patterns, behaviour and its trends based on multiple factors such as demographics, job roles, supervisors and many more.

We aim towards continuous excellence in configurations, extensions, collaborations, localisations and personalisations to mould indigenous multinationals.


  • 10 times greater capacity now can be handled by an organisational database.
  • Up to 450,000 employee records.
  • Capturing a minimum of 216 million attendance records per annum per organisation.
  • Localisation and language support.
  • Mobile app & Kiosk available in 5 different languages.
  • Updated traditional reporting modules to support increasing records.
  • We take care of local statutory requirements for a hassle-free operation.
  • Experienced integration with multiple ERP systems.
  • Script engine capabilities.
  • API and SDK availability.
  • Hosted on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform.
  • Multi-country and Multi-currency adaptability.
  • Customisable options to fit your organisation.

Why take our word when we can talk numbers,

  • Predictive analytics gives you over 85% accuracy in your future decisions.
  • RPA gives you 80% cost reduction.

Reducing the number of clicks and increasing the speed of our system, you spend lesser time on our HR solution as we realise that millennial CEOs have no time to waste!