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8 reasons to convince your management for an HR tech investment.

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The way we work has completely transformed. New technology is changing how, where and when we work. In this new landscape, businesses face challenges around growth, talent acquisition and productivity. Employers need to embrace new technology to get ahead in this new world of work, and put people at the heart of their strategy. However, HR and People leaders are in fierce competition for that all-important slice of budget and that makes building the strongest business case for technology investment vital.

Investing in your people is one of the most important decisions an organisation can make. With record low productivity levels, an engagement crisis, and the war for talent, there’s never been a better time to do this. Get the best from your people, and your organisation flourishes. With HR systems now smarter and faster than ever before, the HR and People sector is one of the most exciting growth areas for tech investment.

Right now, 89% of HR teams are determined to be viewed as adding strategic value to their business. By championing advances in analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the cloud, forward-thinking HR and People leaders can shape the future of their company and demonstrate the ROI that can be achieved by investing in people.

Some things are no-brainers. And when it comes to choosing new HR software cloud is one of them. Cloud is revolutionising the traditional HR function, enabling HR managers to become people-focused, and allowing them to design great workforce experiences for their people. Nearly 40% of businesses have moved their core applications to the cloud already, with a third of the remainder planning to migrate over the next 12-18 months, according to the fourth annual HR Technology Survey by PWC.

A modern global cloud HR management system (HRMS) like PeoplesHR enables companies to design better workforce experiences for employees. It is secure, flexible, and can be used across the world, as well as on mobile and on-demand. Cloud HR technology means reports can be generated at the touch of a button. Automation eliminates the likelihood of human error. And most of all, the best technology frees up HR and People leaders’ time to concentrate on what’s really important - delivering great workforce experiences for their people.

8 reasons to convince your management for an HR tech investment.

There are a whole host of tangible, measurable benefits associated with implementing a new, cloud-based HR system. This includes:

  1. Reduce attrition

With an ongoing skills shortage, workforce attrition can be a big problem. Employees want to work for a company that listens to their needs, enables career progression and has a forward-thinking approach. Implementing a new HR system demonstrates your commitment to creating an agile and engaged workforce.

  1. Improve performance

Employees crave appreciation. A new HR system can help you give your employees a clear path to improving performance with regular feedback and communication.

  1. Reduce time to hire

Finding the right people and attracting top talent for your business can be a long process. The best HR systems cut down on the time spent on hiring, contracts and onboarding new employees, so you can get the best new people in quicker.

  1. Drive productivity

By improving workplace experiences and reducing time spent on repetitive admin, a new HR system with AI and automation functionality can help you significantly improve employee productivity.

  1. Provide better experiences

The right HR system can help you improve communication and boost engagement across your workforce. You can create a collaborative culture where employees feel confident having their say on how the business works.

  1. Maintain compliance

As data becomes ever more important to running a business, you need to be confident your figures are reliable. A data-driven HR system makes it easy to collect and analyse data, improving accuracy and reducing errors.

  1. Make data driven decisions

By having all of your data in one place, you can get a clear, singular source of insight into your business. This visibility will help you make smarter, quicker decisions about a range of issues. 

  1. Accelerate growth

All of these benefits combine to create a business that’s free to grow and achieve its ambitions.