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Your employees aren’t just motivated by money

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Staff morale can become quite fragile in a recession. Before an economic downturn begins it’s wise to put a system in place that will help to keep it high. You don’t want employee recognition and rewards to go by the wayside because HR and leaders no longer have the time to manage them.

Think about it, your employees are already facing salary cuts, a freeze in promotions, commissions and increments. On top of it they need to work even harder for the company to survive in this global pandemic. The last thing any employer wants is to lose his team due to negligence.

Rewards & recognition doesn’t only mean something monetary. There are lots of technologically facilitated rewards and recognition programs that can help. Here is some of the functionality that you should look for.

  • Automated milestone awards: for birthdays, completed training, etc.
  • Peer to peer recognition capability: where employees can nominate and vote for colleagues.
  • Automated top performer awards: employee of the month voting.
  • Role-specific badges: a digital reward that can only be given by the CEO.
  • Notifications: so everyone is across not only when to vote and the results, but also if they were nominated and what compliments they received (this way recognition isn’t just limited to the people who ‘win’)

Strategic remuneration

Pay increases in a downturn need to be handled carefully. Having remuneration integrated with both payroll and performance management can help. Imagine a situation where an organisation has decided to allow each team to allocate a 5% total increase in wages. In some organisations this whole process is handled by spreadsheets. This is slow, inefficient and can cause costly mistakes. Incorrectly entered data can mean staff are over or underpaid, or that the whole team’s pay increases are over the 5% allocation.

An integrated HR solution not only seamlessly gives the manager all the core data of each team member (current pay, tenure, etc.) it also gives them a view of their performance and ensures that the eventual remuneration is compliant with company policy. If the leader makes a mistake, the solution will prompt them.

The PeoplesHR Rewards and Recognitions module is focused at enhancing employee satisfaction which in turn affects and increases the retention rates of the organisation. It motivates and improves productivity with the use of effective rewards and recognition programs that suite your organisation’s unique requirements.

Integrated with supporting modules, this enables the identification and management of all related functionalities. It nominates, captures and tracks candidates in order to maintain an effective and accurate rewards and recognition process that ensure unbiased conduct.

How does it add value to your business?

  • Increase employee engagement within the organisation.
  • Decrease voluntary departures of employee.
  • Increase and maintain employee retention rates.
  • Increase employee performance and productivity.
  • Enhance job satisfaction through employee appreciation.
  • Encourage employee loyalty towards the organisation.

When purse strings are tight, you have to think outside the box or else your employees are going to burnout!

A point to remember: Technology is available to guide you but it’s up to you to make the final call before it’s too late.