The HRIS fix to save your organisation from the turnover crisis

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If there’s one thing that kills performance of an organisation then the number one reason would be its turnover. People walking in and out of the workplace, creating an unstable atmosphere that hangs the organisation’s future on a balance. All things come to a halt when the turnover rates fluctuate drastically within the organisation. Many large corporations face extreme circumstances due to the increasing turnover rates that test their business health. Raising the common question of, whether there could be a way to change it. A strong vaccine that kills it at the source or that would slow down its growth in a sustainable way. HR software involvement in the HR field helped with this in many ways. Taking away the involvement of ‘Gut Feeling’ based decisions it now moves ahead to predictive analytics to help with a clear view of the future. Dive into find out how your resident HRIS can help with your turnover fluctuations.

Know the root cause

With any workplace problem, it all starts with a good hard look at where it all started. This becomes a mission that requires a good hunt through all the records that then will need to be analysed to know what and where things went wrong. Although with Predictive Analytics the process gets cut short with all the grunt work done for you. The system takes in the data that has been collecting over the years, finds patterns and similarities to capture the data story you didn’t see building. So all those investigations that were needed to know what was wrong, gets replaced with simple features in your HR software. With advance technological features, your typical HRIS becomes an assistive tool that replaces routine analysis work. With turnover prediction you can find out the causes that might be affecting your workforce, and take the right measures to cut it at the source.

Inspect the risks

The increasing turnover doesn’t just mean that the company talent refreshes and loses its resources to competitors, but it also comes with risk of the company talent levels fluctuating and affecting its productivity and quality of service. Sudden changes in management or unfamiliar replacements can bring about change that is negative to the organisation. Your HR software doesn’t just record the exits any longer, with Predictive Analytics it now identifies high potential leaver, risks of losing high profile employee and possible reasons of leaving. A breakdown of all-important roles within the oragnisation are displayed with the possibility rate of leaving against it. Everyone is potentially going to make a move someday, although some exits affect more that other. This can help you know if, why and how certain employee exit can affect your organisation.

See what the future looks like

The best part of Predictive Analytics is that it can tell you what your future looks like. Which can give you a head start on taking necessary precautions before loosing top talent that drive your success. The graphs that portrayed what the past reflected, now extends into the future with Predictive Analytics. Telling every organisation what to expect from the future losses that no one would have seen coming. The information allows you to take the necessary steps to groom new talent or work on retaining existing talent to maintain a stable future for the organisation.

Little changes, unknowingly affect the future of your organisation, and each creates a ripple effect that if not closely monitored and controlled will swallow the organisation as a whole. Loosing talent is inevitable because, after all everyone that walks in walks out with experience to better opportunities, although increasing levels or fluctuations can cause more affect than just a few employee exits. So see what your future looks like and make the right move for your organisation Predictive Analytics.