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Five rules to follow when approaching HR initiatives.

Hugh McPherson
Managing Director,
Broad Reach.

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Broad Reach is a multi-disciplinary HR advisory firm working out of Australia and servicing clients all over the APAC region.

Hugh McPherson
Managing Director,
Broad Reach.



One of the major needs of HR is to be effective in the areas of strategy and planning, and what is displayed through cloud computing is the ability to provide the correct platform and the appropriate environment that allows organizations to gain access to data and find a more meaningful matrix.

John Macy,
Founder & Principal Consultant,
Competitive Edge Technology.



Some of the most interesting findings of the survey were regarding HR systems such as HRIS systems. Nearly 60% of the respondents have been using their existing HR system for more than five years, therefore it is evident that a large portion of the market has had systems in for well over five years.

Peter Forbes,
Managing Director,



Diversity is an absolute competitive advantage for any organization. It brings unbelievable innovation, it brings employee engagement, and it's been shown to incredibly improve performance. Diversity and inclusion also plays a major role.

Marianne Roux, Executive General Manager,
People & Culture,
Cricket Australia



Asia is characterized by intense competition for talent. Many businesses have invested heavily in Asia, and there is an expectation that Asia is going to drive the economic growth for many organizations. These expectations result in a need to find the best people and best leaders. Since these expectations are shared by so many organizations, there is intense competition for a relatively limited pool of talent.

Mario Ferraro - Director,
Human Capital Consulting - South East Asia
Deloitte Consulting Pte Ltd



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