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Analytical Tools will help your organisation sharpen the business edge by giving a new meaning to the collected raw data...



datasheets Absence Management

Consistent tracking and monitoring of employee attendance is very important to ensure that employees are punctual and gaining a good understanding of employee attendance patterns also helps in any historical analysis..



datasheets Audit Manager

The Audit Manager module is a component of the HR system which allows a user to view a selected field of information derived from their relevant tables, ...



datasheets Claims Management

In the modern business environment, cash is not sufficient enough to recruit and retain top talent for any business. Supplying the employee with an attractive claims..



datasheets Disciplinary Management

The Disciplinary Management module is helpful to both the employee and the employer by means of automating the discipline management process...



datasheets Employee Information Manager

The Employee Information Manager is one of the core modules of this comprehensive web based application. It maintains all relevant employee related information including different types of personal information, ...



datasheets Employee Life Cycle

The Employee Life Cycle module is the monitoring system for how employees fare in the organisation in terms of work, competency and skills. The types of employee movements can be identified as promotions, ...




datasheets Grievance Handling

Grievances are signs of an employee's dissatisfaction with his job or his relationship with his colleagues which can occur due to day-to-day work relations in an organisation. ...




datasheets HR Dashboard

Dashboard module enables the creation of a graphical representation of HR information for both operational and strategic levels within the organisation. ...




datasheets Manpower Planning

A well-organised HR planning technique helps to reduce waste in employing people, diminish uncertainty of current personnel levels and future needs by eliminating mistakes in staffing...




datasheets Offboarding

When an employee leaves, the processes that were allocated to the employee must be taken back into control the organisation. This may range from pending client orders ...




datasheets Onboarding

The module is responsible for creating onboarding actions, profiles and assigning candidates to their respective job roles. It also assigns actions to onboarding profiles and allows ...




datasheets Organisational Structure

The company structure and hierarchy are essential for correct functionality of many other modules. Organisation Structure module is very useful as the employees can ...



datasheets Payroll

The Payroll module is a robust and highly configurable payroll management solution which facilitates recording of all details on the employee payments, and produces ...




datasheets Recruitment

The Recruitment module is a streamlined process which manages the recording of CVs. The module consists of a 3 stage lifecycle which can be identified throughout the module lifecycle. ..




datasheets Report Navigator

The report navigator provides access to a host of reports made by gathering vital information in an organisation which facilitates the preparation of management reports per user defined time periods. ..




datasheets Rewards and Recognition

The power of employee Rewards and Recognition can be used to motivate employees and it could also be helpful in retaining employees in an organisation. Maintaining a good rate ...




datasheets Talent Management

Talent management module functions as a paramount tool for managing an organisation's top talent. It helps the organisation to identify the top performers and future leaders. Furthermore, the module helps ...




datasheets Time & Attendance

Consistent tracking and monitoring of employee attendance is very important to ensure that employees are punctual and gaining a good understanding of employee attendance patterns also helps ...




datasheets Timesheets

As your workforce grows, so does the complexity in handling the projects and managing time of your employees. The Timesheets module enables to ease this process substantially for an organisation, it is also a customisable ...




datasheets Training and Development

Training and development is the field concerned with activities aimed at sharpening the performance of individuals and groups in organisational settings...




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