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01 Holistic and comprehensive

The system encompasses all end-to-end HR processes at each and every management level.

02 Rapidly increased efficiency of HR processes, guaranteed 30% cost reduction

By automating your operative HR processes you earn a lot of extra time, which can be used to focus on REAL HR instead of frustrating routine administrative tasks. Nevertheless, with PeoplesHR you don't need to purchase any additional hardware, software and data storage facilities, thus you save a significant amount of financial resources in comparison to implementing a conventional HRIS.

03 Streamlined strategic HR

Modules specially designed to give you strong support in strategic HR management will help you follow the path to success. Consequently, Strategic HR planning will be much faster and smoother.

04 Highly Configurable

It is highly configurable in nature and allows easy personalisation to fit any organisation's HR policies and practices, which tend to vary from organisation to organisation.

05 No paper work

With PeoplesHR everything runs smoothly online, in turn reducing the paperwork and contributing to the green initiatives taken by the corporate world.

06 No troubleshooting and maintenance

Our team attends to any problem you may have regarding the system, hence you can stay focused on utilising the talents of your staff more productively instead of dealing with the technical issues. It is not necessary to assign any IT staff to take care of the system. Our team will carry it out for you.

07 24/7 dedicated support

Our experienced team of well-trained specialists are available 24/7. You can contact us regarding any issue on a 24/7 basis. Whether you decide to call us, send us an e-mail or Skype call, our dedicated team is always there to provide you with top quality support and ensure you are absolutely satisfied with our services.

08 Highest security as per the industry standards

Your data is stored on secured premium servers hidden behind the firewall and backed up in several different locations to make sure your system is 100% safe during any situation. PeoplesHR runs on secured HTTPS protocol, which means all the content is encrypted and thus fully protected. This protocol is commonly used in payment transactions and of course sensitive transactions within corporate information systems.

09 Optimized costs of HR system

Pay only for what you use, whether your business is growing or shrinking at the moment. Your monthly rental fee is calculated according to the current number of employees. If you realize you don't want to use our system anymore, you do not need to pay for another month. It is that simple- You don't risk anything.

10 Most up to date HR software

PeoplesHR is constantly being improved by our R & D team. Whenever our R & D team adds a new feature, best practices or improve the overall functionality of the system, you can receive the advantages of it immediately, without the hassle of running updates or painful and time consuming reconfigurations of the system.

11 Easy accessibility

The system can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using any device, at any given time. We maintain the best cloud security standards for all users, regardless of where they may be.

12 Integration

PeoplesHR can be integrated with any reputed enterprise or finance system. In addition, it captures data from any attendance device, working seamlessly with all your software devices.

13 Business intelligence

Leverages HR data to generate management reports and create real-time personalised dashboards.

14 Globally consolidated localised processes

HR processes incorporated in the system have been localised for over 30 countries, worldwide.


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